6 Ways to Gain Legal Website Backlinks with SEO Outreach

SEO outreach can do wonders if you know how to use it, especially for lawyers and law firms that are looking for new and exciting ways to expand their reach outside of traditional methods.

This all comes down to the methods you use and the overall experience that you want to acquire this way. For example, law firm directories and attorney review sites work great, but they are often costly and usually don’t provide much control over the reviews and information posted to the sites.

But if you do this the right way, you can achieve some amazing results. It all comes down to finding the right methods and adapting or adjusting everything in a meaningful way.

Public Relations

Sending a Press Release can do wonders and it will give you a whole lot of exposure in no time. The benefit that comes from this system is that it can be focused on value and professionalism. A press release will definitely have your link in there, and it will be seen by a lot of people. Which is exactly what you want to focus on if you want good results.

See where the competitors get their backlinks

You can study where competitors acquire backlinks and you can steal them. The best part is that this works really well and you will have no problem enjoying the experience. The benefit is that you can contact those sites and offer them an alternative link. It won’t work all the time, but when it does it will be amazing for your SEO!

Skyscraping content

Find content that’s already very good and try to top it. Once you do that, reach people in the industry and send them that link. The challenge here is that you actually need to create some really good content. Otherwise you might not be able to generate the results and exposure you want. So it’s a crucial aspect to focus on at this point.

Broken link building

Find sites that have broken links and which are a part of your industry. Let them know that you have an active link which can replace the broken link. This is one of the simplest and nicest SEO Outreach ideas. And the best part is that it actually works a lot better than you might imagine.


Guest posting

Guest posting is great because it allows you to generate lots of links to your site. Even if this method costs money, it does end up bringing you lots of benefits and exposure. Of course it will take a little while for Google to catch those links, but once you do get more and more backlinks, you will be more than ok. Try to consider that and the results will be more than ok.

Create a list of resources

Resources are always needed in the online world and people want to find this type of stuff as often as possible. What you want to do is to compile such a list and improve it as often as you can. It will be well worth it in the end, so try to consider all of that.

There are lots of ways you can get new backlinks, but it all comes down to taking your time and knowing the right strategies. With this approach you can get some amazing benefits and that’s exactly what you want to consider all the time. It will be well worth the effort!

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