7 of the Top Lawyers on TikTok to Give a Follow

TikTok is a video-sharing and content-creation software. It gained much traction in recent years. TikTok, in particular, is known for its short, engaging, and shareable videos, which frequently use comedy to engage viewers. TikTok isn’t sweeping the world of social media by storm. But it’s also taking the world of digital and social media marketing by storm, with 800 million active users globally and a 5.5x increase in 18 months in the United States.

Even though young people (16-24 years old) account for 41% of the platform’s users, lawyers are taking advantage of it. Forward-thinking lawyers are now effectively using TikTok in their marketing efforts, which may surprise you. These lawyers are reaching out to new clients and assisting people by showing their legal expertise and position as lawyers with creative videos that they can easily create on their phones. The cutting-edge marketing methods put lawyers in a good position to expand their business.

Lawyers and legal firms have tapped into the TikTok market expressly to help consumers learn more about their practice areas while also providing entertainment. Here are seven of the most well-known lawyers who have made a name for themselves on TikTok.

1 – Ethen Ostroff (@ethenostrofflaw)

Ethen is a Pennsylvania-based personal injury lawyer. His TikTok account now has 218K subscribers and 6.8 million likes. In October 2019, he started expanding his TikTok account, which he calls the TikTok Lawyer. In Ethen’s educational, legal videos, he answers frequently asked questions from his audience. Ethen attributes his accomplishments to his ability to remain consistent. He has built a portfolio of videos and gained more followers by posting content at least once every day.

Ethen has been making content and growing his followers since his first post. He takes questions such as whether a teacher can take their student’s cell phone and look into it. According to him, these questions act as an inspiration to make more content.

2 – Anthony Barbuto (@thelawyer)

On the platform, Anthony Barbuto is a recognized lawyer. He has 2 million followers and 36.2 million likes on his videos. Anthony Barbuto is best-recognized for making videos that are quirky, relatable, and just plain fun to watch. Anthony’s TikTok account is popular. It integrates his legal career with more of his personal life, allowing you better understand his personality. With his rapping, dancing, singing, and general entertainment videos, lawyer Anthony Barbuto brings excitement to TikTok.

3 – Brad Shear (@bradshear)

Brad is a lawyer specializing in technology, privacy, business, and social media. He has around 1.1 million followers. He has over 43.6 million likes on TikTok. He concentrates on producing educational materials for the younger generation. He provides entertaining and instructive content that includes practicing fidget training like a lawyer, debating student rights, and exploring fascinating legal loopholes. As a result, he has performed well on the platform.

4 – Adam Juratovac (@adamjthelawyer)

Adam S. Juratovac is a California employment lawyer in the Bay Area who has a growing following of over 350K with 5M likes on TikTok. In his TikTok bio, he offers a link to his legal firm’s blog and a link to his YouTube channel. Adam, a practicing lawyer, uses his channel to share humorous and educational videos about employment law. 

His tips and tactics may be a helpful resource for his followers interested in employment law, and his channel demonstrates his competence, experience, and knowledge in the field. His strategy for TikTok is to be consistent, persistent, and to find a niche. Adam has even created a TikTok video featuring a range of lawyers. 

5 – Kelly Chang (@lawyerkelly)

Kelly Chang is a family lawyer based in California, specializing as a divorce attorney. She is well-liked on TikTok for her short films and has 352.4K active followers, and 8.2M likes on her account. She does an excellent job of combining informative legal lessons with humorous and dynamic videos. Her ‘Family Law Pop Quiz’ has been seen over 20K times.

6 – Calina Plotky (@galawyer)

Calina Plotky is a Georgia family law attorney with 400K followers and 13.7 million likes on TikTok. She not only talks about her legal profession, but she also shares details about her chronic condition, interstitial cystitis, with her fans.

7 – Tori (@tiktortok)

Lawyer for Immigration Law Tori and her husband live in Washington, DC. She creates educational and informative videos on current events while injecting her personality and wit into them. Tori has 30k followers and 1.7 million likes on her TikTok account.

Trending Legal Hashtags on TikTok

In addition to following each of the listed legal firms and attorneys listed above, we also recommend you start browsing through legal related hashtags on TikTok as well. To make this process easier, be sure to consider each of the ones listed below.

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  • #lawsuit

How Lawyers are Taking Advantage of TikTok

Video advertising is growing increasingly popular. People increasingly embrace social media platforms such as TikTok to promote their businesses and services. Even lawyers and legal firms are figuring out how to use the flourishing app’s increasing audience to help promote their firm. It is permissible for lawyers to use TikTok and make videos on the platform. However, while giving legal advice via the app, professionals must exercise caution and follow legal and ethical norms to prevent potential lawsuits or harmful reputational effects.

The app provides an easy and quick method to connect with millions of potential customers. The platform is an excellent method to open up a conversation about the law and encourage individuals to seek legal assistance and even attend law school. TikTok is a rapidly rising social media tool that, when properly utilized, may assist lawyers in generating new leads and expanding their practices. However, proper preparation and analysis are necessitated like any other social media platform.

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