Lawyer SEO – Why It’s Better to Outsource Your SEO and Focus Purely on Law

Do you have a law practice in New Jersey and need to use SEO techniques better? If you are not sure where to start, read on. Perhaps you don’t think you have the time to devote to the marketing aspect of your Law Firm. Like any business, your Law Firm needs marketing so you will need to find some time to do this. Especially noteworthy, is the use of SEO known as search engine optimization techniques to bring natural results to your page.

What is SEO for attorneys?

Search engine optimization is done the same way for attorneys as it is done for any other type of online business or website. It is a skillful use of keywords, both short and long-tail keywords that appeal to the “bots” and search engines to bring the right customers to your page.

Without getting too technical, this is a form of marketing that speaks to the technical end of things and allows you to match up your legal services with people who are the most likely to do business with you.

Creating Backlinks to Improve SEO

One important aspect of SEO techniques is that you create backlinks and content that will continue to help you for many months lighter. Unlike paid advertising that you might do with Google AdSense or Facebook ads, the content that you put out will continue to provide you with incoming targeted traffic that will pay off for years to come. But only if you do it correctly.

So Little Time

The problem is that SEO takes some time to do and sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to do that while running your legal practice. After all, you need to focus on the needs of your clients and working on even one site takes a lot of time and energy.

So what should you do to make sure that you give your clients all of the attention you need while continuing to create better leads for future clients so that you can obtain to grow your legal business?

<h>The Benefits of Outsourcing</h2>

Outsourcing can be done for a variety of tasks and jobs that you don’t have time to do as a business owner or a lawyer. In the book by Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week, Ferris implies that you can outsource pretty much anything. He gives extreme examples of Howard Hughes who often outsourced a strange job like leaving a hamburger in a tree for a neighbor and feeding his goldfish while he was gone away on holiday.

Lawyers also can outsource any task they do not have time to do. So where should you look for the SEO people that can help you optimize your page for the search engines while still producing good quality for your Law site?

Where to Find Outsourced Workers and Freelancers

Some of the places you can find outsourced legal assistance are,, and Alternately, you can put an ad in the paper in your local area and see who responds to the ad to try to get some responsible legal assistance. Remember, though, what you are looking for is good SEO freelancers who know how SEO works. You need an internet marketing specialist. Knowledge of the law is not as important as knowing how SEO works and how to maximize it for your target audience.

If you understand SEO techniques yourself, taking a week or so to train them may be well worth your while. Then they will be able to learn the skill from you, and they will know what you expect when you start doing SEO for their Law Firm.

What are the qualities of a good SEO freelancer?

1. Attention to detail

2. Proper use of short and long-tail keywords

3. Adequate keyword research

4. Backlink skills and understanding of Google algorithms

5. Ability to check links and maintain and monitor progress

As long as the freelancer has a total understanding of what makes good SEO and how it must be balanced with excellent high-quality content, you can find someone to help your site grow.

Which keyword should you use?

This is always one of the questions that lawyers and law firms have regarding which keywords they should use for their SEO. You will need to choose some keywords that you want your SEO freelancer to use before you assign them a job.

So think carefully about which words people might use to come to your site. If you have the code from a tool such as, you will know the keywords they are using. Some of the most popular keywords or things like divorce attorneys, New Jersey divorce attorneys, or family law practice lawyers.

These are all examples of long-tail keywords that someone who wants either a divorce or a family attorney in New Jersey might use as search terms. You have to apply a little psychology to match your services up with the people who need it most. So think like the searcher and get in their head as to what you do and how your customers will find you.

Why Outsource SEO

The best reason that you should outsource SEO and page maintenance is so that you can do what you went to school for which is to help people with their legal problems. If you were always tied down with what your website is doing how many visitors are getting or where they’re coming from, you would not have time to devote to your legal practice.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to use SEO along with high-quality, meaningful content that is full of topics that will appeal to the people who need to find you most. Including a blog is important because this allows you to create topics and expound on legal facts and ideas that inform your audience about legal information that is valuable to them.

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